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Residential Security Services London

Two things are pertinent to home security: Notifications & Proof

With increasing crime in many areas, you need to be notified immediately when predators draw near, with a reliable alarm system, but just as importantly, you need proof with crystal clear video from strategically placed equipment.

Talk to us today about the new technologies that exist to keep you safe and equipped with evidence you need to prosecute. With cost effective options, no one should feel powerless to the threats that are more prevalent today. Let us educate and inform you on the following options:

Security Systems

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    • Surveillance Cameras

    These cameras are designed to capture what happened and come in different variations: Bullet, Turret, Dome and PTZ cameras all have varying benefits.

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    • Deterrent Cameras

    Like surveillance cameras, Deterrent cameras capture footage but also offer features like two-way voice communication, motion lighting and even sirens to warn intruders.

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    • Doorbell Cameras

    A popular choice today but with so many choices, it’s important to know all of the pros and cons of each. Talk to us so you can be confident you’ve chosen the best product.

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    • Indoor Wifi Cameras

    Indoor surveillance is great for watching over children and others areas you need covered for peace of mind. We offer systems that combine both hardwired and wifi cameras to comprise a holistic indoor and outdoor surveillance solution.

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    • Alarm Systems

     Alarm systems have advanced over the years to include video and smart devices. We are an ADT/Telus authorized dealer and can help put together a system that will keep you protected and provide convenient features.

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    • Smart Door Locks

    Bought separately or controlled through an alarm system, smart locks give you the ability to lock and unlock doors via an app, keypad and even biometric thumbprint. Another great benefit is the ability to assign permanent and temporary codes, even tracking when codes were used for entry. Talk to us if you’d like to have one installed and we’d be glad to share the many different options.

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    • Smart Lighting

    Smart switches and plugs have become a standard in convenience and control. Having the ability to control lights when home is a handy feature, however using them to turn on lights when not at home gives the appearance that your place is occupied. We can also incorporate smart lights and plugs into your home alarm system. Talk to us today and see the benefits of this trending technology.

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    • Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detection

    Having detection devices for smoke and carbon monoxide have become essential purchases and in many cities, regions and provinces have become law that each home should have them. Whether separate or integrated with an alarm system, we can install and test them, giving you peace of mind.

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