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A Connected Harmonious Home - It’s Possible

Having strong and reliable internet connectivity is essential in home today, not only for entertainment and gaming but also with the many people working remotely from home. At ThirstyTech, we can help troubleshoot problems, making suggestions and can re-wire your home to ensure you have stable connectivity wherever its required. Some of our services in this area include:

Wireless Access Points

Strong Wifi Across Your Home - No Monthly Fees! Contact us today for a consultation.


  • Network Cable Installations
  • Network Switch / Rack Installation
  • Wireless Mesh & Access Points
  • Modem Relocates

Need a hardwired connection is a certain part of the house? Contact us today for a consultation and let us install cables anywhere you need to get a strong connection.

Residential Entertainment Services London

If you have multiple devices connected with a mess of wires that appear confusing and disorganized, we can tidy up your cables and install a rackmount switch with labels and wire management to keep everything in order. Contact Us today!

Residential Entertainment Services London

Most internet providers will provide solutions for stronger wifi including the latest wifi 6 technology, but even when it comes to backyards or other dead areas of the house, nothing can top a properly installed mesh or access point to keep wifi strong. Contact us for a consultation and we can come by to perform tests and make recommendations.

Residential Entertainment Services London

Often times your internet provider may place your modem in a place that no longer works for your current situation. Working from home, needing a network printer and other requirements often call for moving a modem to a better place, and we’re happy to assist. Contact us today if you’d like to have your internet modem moved.

Residential Entertainment Services London