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Commercial Connectivity Services London

Reliable Connectivity To Support Your Business

You can count on ThirstyTech for all your connectivity requirements at your place of business. We support and install VOIP and data cabling, providing a seamless and robust network, professionally organized and implemented across any size building.

  • Network Cable Installations
  • Network Switch / Rack Installation
  • Wireless Mesh & Access Points

We can install CAT6 or CAT7 lines for higher bandwidth if your network requires the fastest of speeds. Whether adding a few computers or phone lines or planning out multiple new offices, contact us for affordable rates.

Residential Entertainment Services London

Nothing is as important as a well organized network. Talk to us about installing your network infrastructure today.

Residential Entertainment Services London

Strong and reliable wifi is essential across your premises. Invite one of our experts to plan and execute a wireless strategy that’s sufficient and solid.

Residential Entertainment Services London